We founded Network Eye because we believe:

Everyone deserves access to excellent care.

We believe that no one should be excluded from getting top-quality care. We are democratizing access to specialized eye care by bringing leading retina physicians to places that are more convenient for many people, including retail primary care and mobile clinics.

Knowledge is the first, critical step to health.

Millions of Americans do not know they need treatment for diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. We are committed to delivering easy-to-understand information to educate all communities—with a special focus on ones that are underserved—so people can make the best decisions to preserve their sight.

We can always improve the care we give our patients.

We founded Network Eye to create a more accessible way for people to get the essential retina care they need. Our model moves testing and treatment from traditional locations into the community. We are committed to finding solutions, creating efficiencies, and continuing to improve retina care, making it as convenient, comfortable, and comprehensive as possible.

Our relationship values are core to who we are.

We do our best for our patients every step of the way.

We are in our patients’ corner and make their health our top priority. Our physicians are leading retina experts who do everything they can to help our patients see better. Our entire team puts our patients first—by making treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible for them, decreasing the burden of care however we can, and over the long term helping them have good vision for life.

Respect is our cornerstone.

We have the greatest respect for the people we care for—including their health, their time, and their caregivers—and are committed to treating them with dignity. As members of the Network Eye team, we treat one another with respect—honoring our individual roles, maintaining personal boundaries, and recognizing the need to have healthy balance in our lives.

We earn trust by delivering a great experience every time.

How we treat our patients and their caregivers is paramount—from the first person they meet through each step of treatment. Delivering consistent and compassionate service—and demonstrating how committed we are to excellence—is the only way our patients will have confidence in us.

Long-term relationships are the foundation of what we’re building.

We know great things happen when we stay focused and committed. As a company and as individuals, we invest in long-term relationships and stay by our patients’ side to deliver the highest-quality ongoing treatment that improves their eye health.

We aspire to change the way retina care is delivered.

We aim to be a catalyst for positive change in health care.

By meeting our mission, we are proving that it is possible for specialized health care to be accessible, friendly, lower cost, and delivered with the highest quality. We can serve as an example that inspires more accessible, high-quality treatment across other areas of health care.

We can open the door to a healthier life.

We hope that by working with us and preserving their sight, our patients will be able to lead more engaged, fulfilling, and functional lives, with greater control of their journey to better overall health.