What to Expect At Your Retina Care Appointment

Welcome! You may have found Network Eye through a referral from your ophthalmologist, a Network Eye diabetes eye test, or a referral from another kind of doctor.

Your first full appointment at Network Eye will be very thorough. Sometimes our patients can be surprised at the amount of time required for a first visit, but to provide effective care, we gather as much information about your condition as possible. Most patients will spend one to two hours with us on their first exam.

A retina exam is similar to other eye exams. We will ask about your medical history and any visual problems or symptoms you are experiencing. We will use an eye chart to determine how well you can see from each eye. We will also measure the pressure in your eyes.  

In this visit, we will dilate your eyes. We will use eye drops to make your pupils larger. Dilation is necessary so that the doctor can see all parts of your eye. Dilation usually lasts four to six hours.

After we dilate your eyes, you will receive a full eye exam and your doctor will look at all parts of your eye. You will also have some photographs taken of your eyes and other diagnostic tests. At the end of the exam, your doctor will discuss the findings with you, lay out a treatment plan, and answer your questions.

If necessary, we may do some additional diagnostic testing or even do treatment on the same day.

Please bring the following to your first appointment:
• Your insurance card
• A photo ID
• List of any medications you are taking
• Contact information for your primary care physician In some cases, your insurance requires a physician referral. If necessary, please obtain this before your appointment.
• If you wear contact lenses, please bring a contact lens case and glasses to wear after your exam.

Your eyes will be dilated during your visit, making your near vision blurry and your eyes more sensitive to light for several hours. If you are not using public transportation or do not feel comfortable driving yourself home, please consider arranging transportation.